Fire & Life/Safety Systems

Fire & Life/Safety inspections

Fire & Life/Safety inspections

Fire Alarm & Life / Safety Systems Annual Inspection Services

Everyone who has a Fire Alarm System and other Life /Safety Systems installed within your facilities are required to be inspected or tested on an annual or semi-annual basis depending on what is being inspected. For example fire alarm systems are required to be inspected and tested annually, while special suppression systems are semi-annual (every 6 months). ETP Service have ASTTBC Certified technicians on staff who are experienced in the performance of these services. Let ETPS provide you with a competitive quotation. Combine this with a Health Check on your Dust Collection system and save dollars. ETP Service is a Distributor for Buckeye Fire Systems one of the leading manufacturers of Fire Extinguishers, and firefighting foam in North America.

Our Fire Alarm & Life /Safety Services cover the following:

  • Fire Alarm Annual Maintenance and Inspection Testing
  • Fire Extinguisher Annual Inspections
  • Emergency Lighting Annual Inspections
  • Sprinkler Fire Suppression Systems
  • Commercial Kitchen Semi-annual Inspection Service
  • Spray Booth Semi-annual Inspection Service
  • Special Hazards Fire Suppression Semi-annual Service
  • Backflow Preventers Annual Inspection Service
  • Fire Hydrant Annual Inspection Service

In addition to our Inspection Services and Testing above, ETP Service can also perform repairs on most makes of equipment, or help arrange for any repair service outside of our scope.

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