Are you maintaining your fire alarm system?


Fire alarm systems are put in place to help protect people, property, and assets. That is, if they are working as they should.

The fact is, you simply can’t tell if your fire alarm systems are fully operational just by looking at them.

If you have a Fire Alarm System and other Life / Safety Systems installed within your facilities, they are required to be inspected or tested on an annual or semi-annual basis. As with any other system, electronics and other components can degrade over time and compromise the system’s operation.

With proper testing, inspection, and maintenance you can keep your fire alarm system at optimum operating performance.

Our Fire Alarm & Life / Safety Services cover the following:

  • Fire Alarm Annual Maintenance and Inspection Testing
  • Fire Extinguisher Annual Inspections
  • Emergency Lighting Annual Inspections
  • Sprinkler Fire Suppression Systems
  • Commercial Kitchen Semi-annual Inspection Service
  • Spray Booth Semi-annual Inspection Service
  • Special Hazards Fire Suppression Semi-annual Service
  • Backflow Preventers Annual Inspection Service
  • Fire Hydrant Annual Inspection Service

In addition to ensuring protection, keeping your system in good condition reduces expenses by preventing unbudgeted emergency repairs.

For more information, download our Fire Safety brochure: Click Here.

To schedule any of our Fire Safety Maintenance and Inspection Services contact ETP Service Ltd. toll-free at 1-866-291-6855 or online.